Thursday, March 19, 2015

The SS Gen. Lyon Disaster-- Part 7: Who Was Barney Losey?

Thta last entry was a bit short as I was going through the list of survivors and right off the bat, there was a Barney Losey of the 5th Virginia.  he survived, but I'd have to think the 5th Virginia would have been a Confederate unit.  There was a 5th Virginia Confederate regiment.  Was he a prisoner on his way north that had been captured in Wilmington or at Fort Fisher?

There were also regiments in the southern states who were organized to fight for the Union.  Was this 5th Virginia a Union regiment?

I then came across a 5th West Virginia Infantry Regiment.  If he was a Union soldier that would make for a better answer.  Perhaps the 5th Virginia was a mistake.  Maybe it should have read 5th West Virginia.

Looking up the regiment, I found that it was mustered in at Ceredo, West Virginia in 1861.  However, at the time, West Virginia was a part of Virginia and continued to be until 1863.  Maybe this is where the confusion set in?

Wikll the Real Barney Losey Stand Up?  --Old Secesh

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