Thursday, March 26, 2015

List of Survivors of the General Lyon-- Part 1

From the New York Times.

Mate James Gibbs
John Fitzgerald, 56th Illinois
Barney Losey, 5th Virginia

M.H. Arment, Co. E, 56th Illinois
Michael S. Brockett, Co. F, 56th Illinois
George W, Williams, Co. G, 56th Illinois

George Goole, Co. F, 144th New York
C.M. Dodson, 3rd Pa. Heavy Artillery
Jos. Fitzpatrick, Co. K, 52nd Illinois

Jas Dempsey, fireman Gen. Lyon
Thomas Cooney, sailor Gen. Lyon
Nicholas Brown, sailor Gen. Lyon
Pat Bryan, coal passer, Gen. Lyon

John Peoples, oiler, Gen. Lyon
James Gibbs, first officer, Hen. Lyon
William Cranston, chief engineer, Gen. Lyon

More to Come.

I see that a lot of the Gen. Lyon's crew made it off alive, including the first officer and chief engineer.  Seems a bit of a coincidence to me.

I Think An Investigation Would Certainly Be In Order.  --Old Secesh

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MajGenl.Meade said...

Jos. Fitzpatrick, Co. K, 52nd Illinois

Actually he was in the 56th Illinois. He is correctly identified in the paragraphs above the list of survivors in the April 14th NY Times article