Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Alabama Town Commemorates 150th Anniversary of the Civil War Battle of Newton

From the March 22, 2015, AP.

The Battle of Newton in Alabama was actually more of a skirmish than it was battle.  Even so, at least three Union soldiers were killed and at least two others were wounded.

A handful of re-enactors gathered at Heroes Memorial Park this weekend near where the actual skirmish occurred to mark it.

Company E of the 15th Alabama, known as the Beauregards, had a reputation as a fighting unit after being formed at nearby Westville, where Fort Rucker is now located.  The Union forces marched north from Mariana, Florida, with intentions of ransacking Newton and burning the courthouse.  This is where the Home Guard laid an ambush.

The re-enactors marched a slightly different route this weekend to avoid traffic and arrived in the town square where the action took place.  The actual battle in 1865 took just around ten minutes.

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