Monday, March 30, 2015

Pvt. Joseph M. Beavers, 56th Illinois, Victim of SS General Lyon Disaster-- Part 2

Enlisted as a private in Co. C., 56th Illinois.

The 56th Illinois was an all Egyptian unit (Little Egypt comprised of the very Southern Illinois counties).  Almost all of its members were from the counties of Massac, Pope, Gallatin, Saline, White, Hamilton, Franklin and Wayne, with a few from Hardin County.

They were sent to Camp Mather in Shawneetown and then had their first military duty guarding Paducah, Kentucky.  Even though they weren't directly involved in the fighting, they were at the Siege of Corinth in April 1862 and "Saw the Elephant" at the Battle of Corinth October 3-4, 1862.

After that, their history was the history of the major fighting in the west and then with Sherman.

--Old Secesh

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