Thursday, September 15, 2011

Atlanta's Grant Park Cyclorama

From the August 25th NBC Alive.

Since 1922, the 360 degree painting of the Battle of Atlanta, once the world's largest painting has been on display at Atlanta's Grant Park. The 42 foot high, 358 foot long painting suffers from neglect, deterioration and few persons visiting it. Its neighborhood is not the best.

There is talk of moving it to Buckhead, the Atlanta Historical center or some site in Downtown Atlanta.

In the 1890s, it traveled with a circus where it was rolled up on telephone poles for travel. The circus went bankrupt and Atlanta ended up with it.

In 1939, Clark Gable was in town for the premier of "Gone With the Wind" and toured it. He remarked, "The painting is great, the only thing that would make it better is if I were in it."

Gable was put on display later that year. He has been lying on his back, mortally wounded, ever since then.

The Ghost of Clark to the Rescue? --Old B-R'er

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