Monday, September 19, 2011

Shuck 'N Shag at the Fort-- Part 1

Compiled from the Sept. 19th PilotOnline, Sept. 14 Daily Press, the Sept. 17th LA Times and the event website.

September 22nd, the first civilian music effort at Fort Monroe will take place and will include lots of seafood, beer and Beach Music. That's what folks in the South dance the Shag to, not the English shag.

Over the past years, the Army has sponsored many music events at the old 1800s fort, also called Fortress Monroe. But, last week, the installation was turned over to the State of Virginia. There is currently a movement to turn the fort into a National Park.

The first African slaves landed at the site (before the fort was built, and this is where Union General Benjamin Butler took a first step toward slave emancipation when he refused to return runaway slaves coming into his lines to their owners, declaring them contraband of war. Abraham Lincoln visited the fort. Robert E. Lee was garrisoned there and, after the war, Confederate President Jefferson Davis was held at the post.

History, Seafood and Beach Music. Hard Combination to Beat. --Old B-R'er

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