Thursday, September 29, 2011

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Your Confederate Money

Like the old guy said, "Save your Cinfederate money."

From the September 21st "Rare Confederate Tome Discovered" by Fred L. Reed III. Originally printed in Bank Note Reporter.

A sixth example of a rare original 1880 Register of Confederate Debt" by Raphael P. Thian has been found in a library where it had been the last 53 years.

The Rare Book Room of the Virginia Historical Society has had it ever since it bought it back in 1958. It was part of an acquisition of historical works from a prominent Richmond attorney.

Before it was discovered, there were only five known copies of it covering the Confederacy's funded and unfunded debt, plus an enumeration of most treasury notes.

I doubt that I would read the book, but it is of interest, especially since I saw the collection of Confederate money at the Grand Army of the Republic Museum in Springfield, Illinois, a few weeks ago.

Like They Said.... --Old B-Runner

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