Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A North Carolinian Designed the Confederacy's First National Flag?-- Part 3

From the May-June 2011 Confederate Veteran Magazine.

The First National flag is probably the least known of all three of the national ones. It is the real Stars and Bars, not the more numerous rectangular ones with the southern cross (actually the Confederate Navy Jack).

After the war, Orren Smith lived in Henderson, NC and was active in Confederate veteran affairs, giving speeches at UCV gatherings and serving as the model for the flag-bearer for North Carolina's Gettysburg statue. This would explain why I kept coming up with that statue when I typed in his name and flag.

On November 10, 1910, the Henderson Confederate monument was dedicated. Almost 160 veterans showed up and Smith had the seat of honor at the ceremony. He had even authored the inscription on it, "Our Confederate dead, peace to their ashes, honor to their memory, glory to their cause."

He died at Henderson on March 13, 1913.

Never Knew About Him. --Old B-Runner

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