Thursday, September 15, 2011

Running the Blockade: Sure Getting Tired of This-- Lee's Tintype

Some New News About an Old War.

1. SURE GETTING TIRED OF THIS-- September 14th Channel 48 News. Lawrence County High School in northern Alabama suspended three students for flying a Confederate flag pit of a truck at the Homecoming Parade.

The mother of one is taking the school board to court. Good for her.

This anti-Confederate phobia is getting way out of hand. I can understand in the north, but this happening in the south is not acceptable. If you don't like the flag, look away, swear, or jeer, but don't tell me I can't honor my ancestors.

2. LEE'S TINTYPE-- Art Daily.Org. An original tintype of General lee turned into Goodwill Industries was spotted by a person going through a bin on its way to an outlet store where it would have gone for $2 to $3. At a charity online auction, it went for $23,000.

Nice Spot. --Old B-Runner

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