Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A North Carolinian Designed the Confederacy's First National Flag?-- Part 2

With the coming of the war, Orren Smith joined the 3rd NC Artillery which for most of its duty was scattered at various forts in the Cape Fear Defensive system for Wilmington, NC. These forts kept the port open for blockade runners during the war and were constructed before and during the war from Bald Head to the city.

The 3rd was organized at Bald Head, on Smith Island in November 1863, mainly from artillery companies organized in 1861 and 1862.

Fort Caswell was a brick structure built from 1826 to 1936 guarding Old Inlet. Fort Anderson was an earthwork constructed on the site of the pre-Revolutionary port of Brunswick, farther up the river. Forts Fisher, Campbell and Holmes were earthen forts constructed during the war.

Smith, at one time or another, may have served in one or all of these defensive positions. As of yet, I have not found out anything about Orren Smith around Wilmington, but am looking.

By 1865, after the fall of Fort Fisher and during the Wilmington campaign, the 3rd Artillery was converted into the 40th Regiment North Carolina Troops (since they no longer had cannons to man). They became a part of Hagood's Brigade of Hoke's Division of the Army of the Tennessee.

March 19-21, they fought at the Battle of Bentonville and surrendered with General Johnston on April 26, 1865.

Not the better Known Confederate Naval Flag That Comes Under So Much Attack. --Old B-Runner

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