Thursday, September 1, 2011

CSS Oregon and CSS Arrow

I'd never heard of these two ships before so some more research was necessary. As usual, good old Wikipedia provided a nice, concise treatment.


216 feet long, 26.6 ft. beam. Mounted 1X8-inch, 1X32-pdr. and two howitzers.

Was a wooden steam gunboat built in New York City in 1846. Seized by the state of Louisiana sometime in 1861 and used as a blockade-runner for awhile, supposedly running the blockade 92 times (I find this hard to believe).

Then the Confederate Army took the ship and turned it into a gunboat. (Again, the army with a gunboat?) I'd expect it to be the Navy.

It operated in the Mississippi Sound and in July was at Ship Island (see the last entry). In September 1861, the Oregon assisted in the evacuation of Confederate troops and supplies from Ship Island.

After the fall of New Orleans in April 1862, the ship was destroyed to prevent capture by Union forces.


I couldn't find any other mention of this ship.

Some More Confederate Ships. --Old B-R'er

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