Tuesday, September 6, 2011

List of USS Monitor Crewmembers Who Died When It Sank

Sixteen lost their lives.


Norman Knox Attwater, Acting Ensign
Gregory Frederickson
Robinson Woolen Hands-- 2nd Assistant Engineer
Samuel Augee Lewis-- 3rd Assistant Engineer


Robert Cook-- 1st Class Boy (born Glouchester, Va.)
Robert H. Howard-- Officer's Cook (born Howard County, Va.)
Daniel Moore-- Landsman (born Prince William or Loudon, Va.)


William Allen-- Landsman (born England) 24 years old
William Bryan-- Yeoman (born NY City) 31 years old
William H. Eagan-- Landsman (born Ireland) 21 years old
James R. Fenwick-- Quarter Gunner (born Scotland) 23 years old
Thomas Joyce (or Joice)-- 1st Class Fireman (born Ireland) age 23
George Littlefield-- Coal Heaver (born Saco, Maine) age 25
Jacob Nicklis (Nickles)-- Seaman (born Buffalo? NY) age 21
John Stocking-- Boatswain's Mate (born Binghampton, NY) age 27
Robert Williams-- 1st Class Fireman (born Wales) age 30

Interesting to see where these men were born, Quite a few born overseas. The blacks were all born in Virginia and might likely have been ex-slaves.

I Wonder Who Monitor 1 and Monitor 2 Are? --Old B-R'er

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