Monday, September 12, 2011

Civil War on Route 66? You Betcha

We just completed the 22nd annual Route 66 Association of Missouri Motor Tour from Miami, Oklahoma, to just east of Cuba, Missouri,yesterday.

One of the organizers, Kip Welborn, had told me two years ago that he was planning to incorporate Civil War happenings along the way in commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the war.

He did a good job. I hope to organize a Civil War Route 66 Motor Tour for Illinois, but that one won't have any actual action. But several Medal of Honor winners are buried along the road as well as various Union monuments, local regiments, a female who served as a soldier during the war and postwar activities.

I'll go into greater detail on the places we went on the tour later, but for right now, here is a quick list.

BAXTER SPRINGS, KANSAS-- Union Fort Blair, site of a massacre of black troops.

BATTLE OF CARTHAGE-- Carthage, Illinois (with the Petticoat Flag and Confederate Money Hanging. There was even a Civil War museum in Carthage.

BATTLE OF SPRINGFIELD-- Let's call this the battle we couldn't find.


Plenty of Civil War on Missouri's (and Kansas') Route 66. --Old B-Runner


troutbirder said...

I commented on you Civil War blog but forgot a delayed response about you question on Highway 12. Yes it passed near Daytons Bluff and in front of the house I grew up in... It was called "Hudson Road" in those days as it went first to Hudson Wisc and the I suppose to Chicago. Now it's called I-94 in a world and neighborhood far different from the one I grew up in... :)

RoadDog said...

I spent my junior and senor high school days in Palatine, Illinois, which was also on US-12. It is called Rand Road through the northwest suburbs.

Then, the last 19 years we have lived in Spring Grove, Illinois, through which 12 passes.

It is my hope to some day "clinch" US-12 and drive the whole length of it from Detroit to Aberdeen, Washington.