Friday, September 16, 2011

Why It Takes Me So Long to Go between Point A and Point B

OK, the previous post was sort of short, but this morning I spent close to two hours doing more research before posting it. This happens a whole lot.

Doing a search for Col. Fisher, for whom Fort Fisher was named, I came across the fact that of six North Carolina regiments present at the first Battle of Mantissas, the 6th was the only one to see action.

I then came across Camp 813 of the Sons of Confederate Veterans in Burlinton, NC, which is named after him. That took some time.

Then, there was a Camp Fisher in Virginia named after him. This is where the 6th NC spent Sept. 1861 to March 1862 while participating in the Blockade of the Potomac (something I had never heard of). Well, this took some time and then I had to look up the blockade as well.

Then, there were people who went to the camp site and did some digging, finding some very rare 6th NC belt buckles. Two Mississippi regiments also named their camp after Fisher later.

And, then there is a 6th NCST Reactivated group.

The 6th evidently was part of W.H.C. Whiting's division during the blockade. Of course, he was later in command of the Wilmington District and had much to do with Fort Fisher's construction.

This led to research on him.

No Wonder It Takes So Long to Write These Goldurned Blog Entries. --Old B-R'er

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