Friday, September 23, 2011

Battle of Gloucester Point

As usual, I find out about something I don't know, that will cause more research on the subject. And, more time.

From Wikipedia.

The battle in the last entry took place May 7, 1861, and no casualties were reported. Flag officer Garrett J. Pendergrast, the uncle of Austin Pendergrast, who surrendered the USS Congress to the CSS Virginia and later lost the USS Water Witch to a Confederate boarding party, for which he was severely reprimanded, ordered Lt. Selfridge to investigate the reports of Confederate guns at the point.

After the battle, Selfridge reported that all but two of the Confederate shells fired at the USS Yankee fell short. He believed the Confederates had "long 32s and an 8-inch shell gun." Actually, the southerners just had smaller six-pounder cannons.

However, a rush was made to fortify the point and by May 11th, two 9-inch guns were in place and two more were ready. By June 14th, the battery mounted 14 heavy guns.

Chance Lost for the Federals. --Old B-Runner

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