Saturday, September 17, 2011

Civil War Days in Lake Villa

Twice a year, we have Civil War Days in my little part of the country. In July there is one in Wauconda at the Forest Preserve and Discovery Museum. Then in September, we have one in Lake Villa at the Lehman Mansion (founder of the Fair Department Stores).

My camp of the Sons of Confederate Veterans has a booth at both and I help man it as well as get around to talk to re-enactors. I really need to stay out of the sutler stores as I don't really need to buy more stuff.

Big thanks to Mark Woolfington, our camp commander to alerting me to this even earlier this week.

Maybe we will be able to pick up two or three new local members and be able to start a new camp here in Lake and McHenry counties.

Getting My Civil War On. --Old B-Runner

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