Saturday, November 5, 2011

The 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Port Royal, SC

Definitely one of the major naval battles of the war and one that gave the North a very important base of operations between Charleston and Savannah along the Atlantic seaboard. I imagine the attack would have come earlier than November 7th had it not been for the huge storm that hit on the 1st which dispersed the fleet.

The Civil War Naval Sesquicentennial blog is spending all week discussing the battle and implications considering "it perhaps THE most important naval event of the 1861."

From the Civil War Naval Chronology:

NOVEMBER 5th-- Today's date, The USS Ottawa, Pembina, Seneca and Pawnee engaged and dispersed Commodore Tattnall's small Confederate squadron at Port Royal Sound and fired on Forts Beauregard and Walker. The attack was to come two days later.

Big Event! --Old B-Runner

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