Friday, November 11, 2011

At the Battle of Port Royal: The 4th New Hampshire Infantry-- Part 2

Continued from Nov. 8th.

The letter that was for sale was a partial two page one written by Leander Harris to his wife Emmy. Unfortunately, the letter sold to someone in 2007 and it didn't say how much was paid for it.

Apparently it was started on Nov. 1st, but not completed until some time later.
Harris states that there was a storm on the night of Nov. 1st and transports were lost.

Worth Point Price Guide did some research about these transports:

UNION-- a steamer carrying Army stores and no troops-- run ashore.
PEERLESS-- Army transport laden with stores-- went down, crew rescued.

BEN DE FORD-- Army transport "which was also used by General Banks in the Fort Fisher expedition"-- probably meant Butler used it.
BALTIC-- Army transport (later used in Fort Fisher expedition).

GOVERNOR-- "an old steamer never meant to go on the open ocean which carried 600 marines designed as a rapid strike force during the capture of the forts, this vessel foundered and sank during the storm and the marines and crew rescued by the USS Sabine."

More to Come. --Old B-R'er

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