Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Toys During the Civil War?-- Part 2

Kraus continued, saying there wasn't as much gift-giving during Christmas in the war. "They were away from home. They would decorate trees with bullets, whatever they had around. They would have a special meal." I just wrote about a member of the 4th New Hampshire who wanted his wife to eat a big piece of pie for him over Thanksgiving.

Items on display included a small, flat tin soldier, perhaps made for a child with a father at war, a hand-made wooden doll for a girl.

There was a deck of cards called "The Game of the Camp" with illustrated figures: Surgeon, Riding Master and farrier (a person specializing in horseshoes and care of hooves). Glad they had this information, otherwise, it was Wikipedia time for me.

Kraus pointed out that the Toys for Tots campaign was started by Marines (must have been an ex-Marine himself). It began in 1947 in Los Angeles when a group of Marine reservists decided to distribute toys to needy children.

The Marine Corps breakfast I attended last weekend raised almost $9,000 for Toys for Tots last year.

A Great Program. --Old B-R'er

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