Monday, November 7, 2011

150th Anniversary of the Battle of Port Royal Today

From the Civil War Naval Chronology

I was aware of the Battle of Port Royal, but didn't know that much about it intil now.

NOVEMBER 7, 1861

Naval forces under Flag Officer Du Pont captured Port Royal Sound. While his fleet steamed boldly in, naval gunners poured a heavy fire into Confederate Forts Walker and Beauregard with extreme accuracy. Confederates abandoned the forts and the small Confederate fleet under Commodore Tattnall could offer very little resistance but did rescue troops by ferrying them to the mainland from Hilton Head.

Marines and sailors were landed to occupy the forts until the Army arrived under the command of General T.W, Sherman. Careful planning and skillful execution had given a great victory and an important base of operations.

Confederates were forced to withdraw defenses inland, out of range of Naval guns.

Du Pont wrote, "It is not my temper to rejoice over fallen foes, but this must be a gloomy night in Charleston."

A Big Blow Against the Confederacy. --Old B-Runner

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