Friday, November 18, 2011

General Drayton's Fish Haul Plantation at Hilton Head Island

From Heritage Library Foundation Hilton Head Island.

It was also called Fish Hall and Drayton's House.

In 1861, Confederate General Drayton used it as his headquarters (along with the Pope House). In 1770, the plantation consisted of 700 acres, mostly growing Sea Island cotton.

Some sources call it Fish Haul Creek Plantation, named after Fish Haul Creek that ran through it.

In 1989, the Chicora Foundation did archaeological documentation of the slave quarters on the plantation. An 1862 census showed 52 slaves at the place along with 250 improved acres, 450 unimproved and worth $10,000. An absence of farm animals in the census would indicate it as a cotton plantation.

In 1863, it was sold to the US government for $3,000 in back taxes. A year earlier, 200 acres were used for the freedman's Mitchelville and part of the mansion used for a school. As late as 1867, there will still 120 blacks living at the place.

By 1920, the main house had disappeared. In 1965 the land was sold to the Hilton Head Company and they sold it to the Port Royal Plantation Group and lastly to Palmetto Dunes.

The Story of a Plantation. --Old B-R'er

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