Saturday, November 12, 2011

At the Battle of Port Royal: The 4th New Hampshire Infantry-- Part 3

Well, here is a regiment that also fought at Fort Fisher. Besides being involved in what was supposed to have been an amphibious assault at Port Royal, now they would later fight at my battle, Fort Fisher. Definitely got my interest.

Now, for some excerpts from Leander Harris' letter to his wife:

"T were 8 men killed on our side." Probably referring to Union losses at the Battle of Port Royal.

Referring to the storm on Nov. 1, 1861:

"I have not seen Hall but our Quarter Master told me that they did not go on the Union [ship] but on the Ben De Ford and that is. The Union went ashore on the coast during the gale, also the Peerless."

"I believe that I did not mention that our steamer was on fire in the night of the storm, but we did not know it till the next day."

That is a disquieting thing to learn.

"Thanksgiving day you must eat a good piece of pie for me."

Sounds like an idea. I wonder what the men of the 4th NH got for Thanksgiving?

Stuff You Don't Read in the History Books. --Old B-Runner

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