Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Port Royal's Confederate Fort Walker-- Part 2

Major Francis D. Lee (no relation to R.E. Lee) was in charge of planning and construction of the fort. A big problem was that there were not enough cannons and not enough of the calibre to sufficiently arm the fort.

Other fortifications in the area were begun at Braddock's Point, Seabrook Landing on Skull Creek as well as earthworks to the south of Fort Walker.

Work had just barely started by the attack November 7, 1961.

By October 17th, there were just 362 soldiers at the fort before reinforcements arrived bringing the total to 622.

General Drayton made his headquarters at the Pope House on Coggins Point and at his own local home at Fish Haul. "If anyone knew how to defend the island, he would. Thomas Drayton knew every road, every woodland trail; knew where the offshore waters were deep enough for a landing. But without the necessary guns to do it."

Defending the Fort. --Old B-Runner

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