Monday, November 14, 2011

Port Royal's Confederate Fort Walker-- Part 1

From the Heritage Library Foundation, Hilton Head Island.

As I said before, there is not a lot of information that I could find about the fort, which today apparently is on private property at Port Royal Plantation. We found a lot of Hilton Head to be private and way more expensive than us po' folk could afford. We visited once and it is not likely we'll be back.

This site had quite a bit of good information.

Fort Walker was ordered built by General P.G.T. Beauregard on Coggins Point Plantation. It was named after Confederate Secretary of War L.P. Walker and commanded by Col. William c. Hayward of the 11th South Carolina. Overall command of the Port Royal Sound defenses was Gen. Thomas F. Drayton, a famous family in the state.

Work on the fort began in July 1861 and island plantation owners furnished slave labor to bring in palmetto logs. Trenches, gun emplacements and a powder magazine were built.

More to Come. --Old B-Runner

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