Tuesday, November 8, 2011

At Battle of Port Royal: 4th New Hampshire Infantry Regiment-- Part 1

From the Worth Point Price Guide concerning a letter sold in 2007 written by a soldier in the 4th New Hampshire, dated November 1, 1861.

He evidently started writing the letter November 1, 1861, but did nor finish it until days later.

The site offered lots of information on things mentioned in the letter as well as a short history of the unit.

The 4th NH was mustered into service 9/18/61 and participated in the Port Royal expedition, saw duty in Florida and operations against Charleston, SC, in 1863. Late was in the Battle of Cold Harbor, Siege of Petersburg, Va. and the Mine Explosion there.

Later, they participated in both attacks on Fort Fisher (hey, sparked my interest here). Later, they were in on the capture of Wilmington and the drive on Kinston and Goldsboro.

At the Mine Explosion,the regiment lost 6 killed, 35 wounded and 10 missing. During the whole war, they lost 4 officers and 93 enlisted killed.

Wikipedia reports the unit lost a total of 234 during the war: 3 officers and 82 men killed or mortally wounded and 5 officers and 194 men dying from disease.

It's colonel at one time was Louis Bell, who was killed at the Second Battle of Fort Fisher leading a brigade.

Got My Interest. --Old B-Runner

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