Friday, November 4, 2011

Happenings Week of November 6, 1861

From AP week of November 6, 1861.

There was a great storm off Hatteras Inlet, thoroughly drenching Union forces occupying the forts. A report from there said, "Five rebel steamers came near the inlet, but returned after firing a couple shots.

November 7, 1861, the Battle of Port Royal. Forts Walker and Beauregard taken and the US had a strategic base between Savannah and Charleston.

From the Civil War Naval Chronology.

NOV. 1st-- A violent storm struck the Port Royal expedition off the Carolina coast, scattering the ships of the fleet. Damage was less than what it could have been.

NOV. 2nd-- USS Sabine rescued battalion of Marines from US transport Governor which sank off Georgetown, SC.

NOV. 4th-- Coast Survet Ship Vixen entered Port Royal Sound to sound the channel. Escorted by USS Ottawa and USS Seneca. Confederate ships under Commodore Tattnall attacked the ships.

A Big Naval Fight in the Offing. --Old B-Runner

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