Saturday, November 5, 2011

Naval Commanders at Port Royal

From the Civil War Navy Sesquicentennial Blog

CSN Captain Josiah Tattnal

Opposed secession, but resigned from US Navy and became senior naval officer of his home state's Georgia Navy. Later commissioned in the Confederate Navy and became commander of the entire Georgia and South Carolina coastline.

Commanded the Mosquito Fleet which mounted two cannons. (I was unable to find out the names of the ships or armaments.)

According to Savannah Now, Commodore Tattnal brought his small fleet from Savannah to help defend Port Royal and arrived just as the Federal fleet was sounding the channel (all navigation aids had previously been removed). They attacked the Union ships but were forced to retreat.

They retreated to Skull Creek to avoid destruction or capture. After the battle, they transported some of the stranded forts defenders and returned to Savannah.

USN Samuel Du Pont

He had just become commander of the South Atlantic Blockading Squadron (SABS) Sept. 18, 1861 after having served in the US Navy since 1815. He commanded the SABS until June 1863.

A Battle's A-Brewing. --Old B-Runner

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