Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Pope House and Plantation at Coggins Point, Port Royal-- Part 1

I earlier mentioned that Confederate General Drayton had his headquarters at both the Pope House and his own Fish Haul Plantation on Hilton Head Island before the Union attack earlier this month, 150 years ago.

So, I looked up the Pope House.

From the Heritage Library Foundation Hilton Head Island.

The Pope House was on the northeast corner of Hilton Head Island. It was also known as the Coggins Point Plantation. It was owned by Squire William Pope (1778-1862). It was a two-story frame residence. Squire Pope was involved in the South Carolina legislature in the years before the war.

A wealthy man, he also owned the Skull Creek and Point Comfort plantations on Hilton Head and the Crescent Plantation in Bluffton. The 1860 census showed the Squire owning 200 slaves.

It was used as headquarters for the Union department of the South during the war. In 1864, a signal tower was built on its roof.

Both Fort Walker (Welles) and Fort Sherman were located on the Coggins Point Plantation.

A Rich man Then. Imagine How Rich His Heirs Would Be If They Still Owned This Land. --Old B-R'er

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