Saturday, October 27, 2012

Civil War Weapons With Dick Stilling-- Part 3

Those Pisrtols in the Trunk

Mr. Stilling had a collection of pistols and explained each one.  Best of all, afterwards, you could go up to the display tables, touch and even pick them up.

The first two pistols were little-bitty Allen pistols, including a pepperbox.  This one had a bunch of little barrels and dated from the early part of the war.

Then, there was an 1858 French LeFaucheax Army pistol with pinfire and cartridges.  Some 12,000 were purchased, mostly by the Union Army, but some by the Confederates as well.

Then, there was an Army Starr pistol.

Mr. Stilling pointed out on several occasions what a nightmare supplying ammunition was during the war with all the many different calibers of bullets used in rifles and pistols.

He owns all of the weapons he presented to us.

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