Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Correcting the Record: the Bixbys and Sullivans-- Part 3

Private George Way (Bixby) of the 56th Massachusetts enlisted under an assumed name.  Captured July 30, 1864.  Imprisoned in Richmond and later Salisbury, NC.  Reported to have deserted to the enemy and to have died in prison.  He used his middle name, Way, so his wife wouldn't know he had enlisted.

Corporal Henry C. Bixby, 32nd Massachusetts honorably discharged Dec. 17, 1864 and died in 1871.  It was reported that he was killed at Vicksburg, but he wasn't.  He was captured, spent time in prison, escaped and made his way to Cuba.

Private Edward (Arthur Edward) Bixby of the 1st Massachusetts Heavy Artillery, deserted May 28 or 29, 1862 (died (1909).  Erroneously reported as killed in South Carolina (perhaps confused with desertion?).  Honorably discharged and moved to Boston.

Private Oliver Bixby was killed with the 58th Massachusetts at the Battle of the Crater, July 30, 1864, where the regiment lost 5 killed, 30 wounded and 84 missing.

Oliver's brother, George, went missing at the same battle, only fighting with the 56th Massachusetts which lost 10 killed, 25 wounded and 22 prisoners.

The Bixby Story.  --Old Secesh

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