Monday, October 1, 2012

Ten Surprising Facts About the Confederacy-- Part 2

6.  Its first and only president was Jefferson Davis.

5.  There were several flags, including the first one, called the Stars and Bars.  Theone you usually see being flown was officially the Confederate Navy Jack.

4.  Prisoner Exchange.  Both sides had absolutely horrid prisons, but you usually only hear about the Confederate ones.  The first officially sanctioned exchange took place in Feb. 1862.

3.  The Confederacy had the first American draft.  On April 16, 1862, nearly a year before the federal government, the Confederate Conscription Act called for all white men from 18 to 35 liable to a three-year term of service.  In September 1862, that age was raised to 45.

Druggists, civil officials, railroad and river workers, telegraph operators and teachers were exempt from service.  It was estimated that 92% of exemptions from Georgia and North Carolina were fraudulent.

2.  Equal Pay--  Black soldiers were to get the same pay as whites.  (I'm not sure about this one.)

1.  Slavery--  In 1864, the CSA began to abandon the institution.

Well worth a look at Listverse.

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