Wednesday, October 17, 2012

It's War Again Around Gettysburg-- Part 1

From the September 3, 2007, Chicago Tribune by Stevenson Swanson.

"This time it isn't a Civil War faceoff but a clash with nature to restore the historic site to its 1863 appearance."

I am a firm supporter of the movement to make these old battlefields look like they did when the fighting took place.  That allows a closer connection to those by-gone events.

Tress are being cut down by Devil's Den and a modern building on Cemetery Ridge near Pickett's Charge is empty and facing demolition.  Elsewhere on the battlefield, workers are building a large building to look like a round barn.

An estimated $131 million is being spent on projects to bring its former appearance back.

For the almost 150 years since end of the war, fields have been allowed to become fallow and trees have grown and obscure clear lines of fire back then, "We had batteries of artillery pointing straight into mature stands of trees," said Gettysburg spokeswoman Katie Lewhon.  "And over the years, we have lost a lot of fences.  At Gettysburg, a fence could mean the difference between life and death."

I definitely Agree With the New Plan.  --Old Secesh

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