Wednesday, October 17, 2012

It's War Again Around Gettysburg-- Part 2: Saving the Witness Trees

I remember Fort Fisher back in the 50s to 70s had many trees growing on the sand dunes of the traverses, which never would have been there when it was an active fort.

Under a 1999 plan, the park service will cut down 576 acres of woodland which did not exist during the battle and to replant 115 acres of trees that were there but have since disappeared.  In 2007, that work focused on the area around Devil's Den, a rocky outcropping that say some bitter fighting and along part of the Confederate line at Seminary Ridge.

Much extra care is being given to preserving "witness" trees which were present at the battle.  I would like to know how many of these trees remain, but that is all the article mentioned.

In addition 10 miles of farm lanes and roads will be rehabilitated or reconstructed.  Plus, some 39 miles of fences, hedgerows and other field boundaries are planned.  Overhead power lines are being buried.  Anything that wasn't there on the 6,000 acre military park is being torn down or disguised.

The non-profit Gettysburg Foundation is raising $125 million toward the project.

More to Come.  --Old Secesh

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