Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sad, But Expected on TV Show "The Office."

I watched this past Thursday's episode where the new office manager found out his family had owned  Michelle Obama's ancestors as slaves.  As such, he was proud to be a distant relative, but appalled that his family might have owned slaves in the past.

He went the rest of the show trying to dig up "dirt" on the other employees' ancestors as they gave him a hard time.

This is so typical of today's people trying to impose their cultures and mores onto people from the past.  Yes, owning slaves is a bad thing (unless you live in today's Africa or Haiti), but back then in the South, there was no negative stigma attached to it.  It was a regrettable institution and I believe retarded the region's growth other than to make the chasm between the rich plantation owners and regular folks even wider, but existed nonetheless.

About the only people really opposed to it were the abolitionists.  Most Northerners, while not favoring slavery, certainly did not feel blacks were their equal.

It is this continual attack on Southern history that is more than shaping the new generation's mindset.

Some of my ancestors owned slaves and I do not feel that makes them bad people.  Today, it surely would, but not back 150-200 years ago.

Time to Stop Cross-Culturing Back in Time.  --Old Secesh

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