Monday, October 1, 2012

Keep the Statue Where It Is

From the August 18, 2011, Rockford (Il) Register Star "Our View: Civil War soldier has a home; let him stay at Main, Auburn" editorial.

The statue of the Union soldier at Main and Auburn streets has been moved enough.  Let is stand where it is.  The City of Rockford wants to keep it where it is.  Winnebago County owns it and is thinking about moving it.  In 2012, they plan to build a roundabout there.  I personally really hate roundabouts of any sort.  You never know where you'll get hit from.

The statue has been where it is since 1984.  It was dedicated in 1877 by Greenwood Cemetery where hundreds of Civil War veterans are buried.  In 1969 it was moved to the County Highway Department for storage for two years then places at the main entrance of the new county courthouse.

It was even painted gray once, but it is a statue honoring the Union dead and called "Boy Blue."

In the 1970s, it became a favorite vandal target before being moved to its present site.  Moving it will cost $35,000.

Keep It Where It Is.  --Old Secesh

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