Thursday, October 18, 2012

It's War Again Around Gettysburg-- Part 3

I'm going to drive down to North Carolina for Thanksgiving and am now planning on spending a day at Gettysburg as I have not been there since probably around 1976.  It sounds like there have been some major changes.

A new $100 million museum and visitor center  is under construction (back in 2007( and designed to look like a mid-18th century Pennsylvania farm.  The new building was scheduled to open in April and will contain expanded and updated exhibits.  Sadly the old electric map of the battlefield was not retained (and just sold this past summer).

A highlight of the museum will be the newly restored Gettysburg Cyclorama showing Pickett's Charge.  The 1884 painting was made by Paul Philipteaux and measured nearly 360 feet long, 27 feet high and weighs  more than 3 tons.  This project alone cost $11.2 million and scheduled to be finished in 2008.

Plans are to demolish the old Cyclorama building built in 1962 as it Modernist design does not fit with the 19th century.

Definitely a Trip Should Be Planned.  --Old Secesh

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