Monday, October 29, 2012

Correcting the Record: The Sullivans and Bixbys-- Part 1

From the Madison County (NY) Courier by Hobie Morris.

There is (was) the hand-written letter from Abraham Lincoln with condolences on the death of her five sons "...who have died gloriously on the field of battles" from the Executive Mansion to Boston widow Lydia Bixby and signed A. Lincoln, dated Nov. 21, 1864.

Four days later, the Boston Evening Transcript newspaper reprinted the entire letter.

The original copy was allegedly destroyed by Mrs. Bixby, who was a Confederate sympathizer and disliked Lincoln.

Then, there is the question of whether the letter was actually written by Lincoln or John Hay, a White House secretary.  In 1904, Hay said that Lincoln had written it.  Massachusetts Governor John Andrew had sent the information about Mrs. Bixby's sons to Lincoln.

This was the letter featured in the movie "Saving Private Ryan."

Sorting It Out, Next.  --Old Secesh

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