Monday, October 15, 2012

Seventeen Living Daughters of Confederate Soldiers

From the Feb. 1, 2012, Franklin (Va) News-Post "Rocky Mount woman is one of 17 living children of Confederate soldiers" by Linda Stanley.

Well, they might have lost the war, but that sure did nothing against them in a reproductive sort of way.

Isabelle Hodges, 86, is oe of 3 Real Daughters of the Confederacy still living in Virginia.  Her sister Mildred, lives in Danville and is one of the other two.  Isabelle didn't know her father who died when she was just two weeks old.

She is one of only 17 certified Confederate daughters.  Her father, Nathaniel "Nat" Hammock married her mother Lessie Gray Myers on August 8, 1908, with a 51 year difference in their ages.  Hammock was 67 and Lessie just 16.  The couple had eight children.  Isabele was born March 25, 1925, and her father died April 8, 1928.

Hammock joined Co. E, 57th Virginia on August 15, 1863 in Pittsylvania County.  He was listed as being sick with severe diarrhea for most of his military career, a sickness that killed so many on both sides.

He was furloughed Oct. 15, 1864, and hospitalized in Danville beginning Nov. 5, 1864.  He was back in a  hospital with diarrhea again on March 12, 1864 and transferred to the Lynchburg hospital about April 16, 1865.

After the war, he married Mary Elizabeth Smith who died in 1907 and had seven children from that union.

Evidently, Diarrhea Does Not Cause Other Problems.  --Old Secesh

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