Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Remnants of Civil War Stockade Unearthed

From the Oct. 12, 2012, Georgia Public Broadcasting News.

Millen, Georgia--  Archaeologists have unearthed timbers hidden since the Civil War and believed to have been from Confederate Camp Lawton where 10,000 Union prisoners were held for a short time after they were moved mostly from Andersonville.

The site is at Magnolia Springs State Park in Jenkins County and they used ground penetrating radar, magnetometry and other technology to locate the former walls of the prison.

Several of the located timbers were submerged in the springs, which provided water for the camp.  One weighed almost 400 pounds and was found where the stockade would have crossed the springs.

I've written about Camp Lawton before.  Just hit the Camp Lawton label.

Always Good to Locate Sites.  --Old Secesh

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