Friday, October 19, 2012

Trees At Other Civil War Battlefields-- Part 1

From the September 3, 2007, Chicago Tribune "It's war again around Gettysburg" by Stevenson Swanson.

The last three entries have been about what is going on at Gettysburg as far as returning the battlefield to its war appearance. 

BATTLE OF MANASSAS/ BULL RUN (Confederate/Union name for the battle). 

The National Park Service plans to cut down 140 acres of timber at this Virginia Civil War site where the First and Second Battles of Bull Run took place.  However, environmentalist object because it will diminish an already scarce hickory-oak forest ecosystem at the more than 5,000 acre site.


Replacing missing trees is a key component of restoration on this 3,250-acre site in Maryland where 23,100 soldiers were killed, wounded or missing following the Sept. 17, 1862 battle, the bloodiest single day in American history.

More to Come.

Return It to Battle Environment.  --Old Secesh

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