Friday, October 19, 2012

Trees At Other Civil War Battlefields-- Part 2

BATTLE OF ANTIETAM--  A 12-acre orchard has been recreated using historically accurate varieties of apple trees, and 35 acres of oak, hickory, ash and other native species have been planted.

VICKSBURG--  In a pilot project, 28 acres of timber have been cut down at three sites, including the Great Redoubt, an earthen fortress manned by Confederates during the 1863 Union siege of the city in Mississippi. 

Officials are also considering removing hundreds of acres of trees planted in the 1930s in the park boundaries to fight erosion at the 1,728-acre site.

We visited this place earlier this year and saw lots of areas where tress had been cut down and piled up.  This is by far the most hilly Civil site I've ever seen.

Supporting the New Efforts.  --Old Secesh

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