Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Another Version of How Not to Cross a Bridge-- Part 3

Another version of this story had the whole bridge collapsing, "...there came a crash, a few yells, some swearing...and the proud military organization was floundering in the depths below, amid planks, joists, logs and their individual selves, while a few had clutched the boxed trusses upon either side of the roadway, looking down, horror stricken, upon their scrambling comrades below." //// The men finally made it into camp, wet, bruised, and perhaps not quite so confident in their skills as soldiers. To add injury to insult, the only weapon in camp, Captain Martin Flood's Masonic Sword, was lost in the river." //// You Have to Wonder If That Sword Is Still At the Bottom of the River? --Old Secesh

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