Thursday, October 10, 2013

Old Glory and the New Lincoln in the Smithsonian

From the October 2013 Smithsonian Magazine. //// Two very interesting articles in this month's Smithsonian Magazine. The first is titled "The New Lincoln" by Frandz Lidz, about the very likely identification of Abraham Lincoln in the famous photograph of the Gettysburg Address. The other is on a famous flag named "Old Glory" by Sally Jenkins. I'll go into some more detail in the next two posts, but best if you get ahold of a copy of the artciles which will also have pictures. //// I knew about the Lincoln photograph (but not the new image), but didn't know there was an actual flag named "Old Glory." I just thought it referred to the U.S. flag in general. //// Always Interested In Anything Civil War. --Old Secesh

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