Thursday, October 10, 2013

The New Lincoln-- Part 1

From the October 2013 Smithsonian Magazine "The New Lincoln" by Franz Ledz. //// In the bleak hours before dawn of March 5th this year, Christopher Oakley "stumbled upon what looks to be the most significant, if not the most provocative, Abraham Lincoln photo find of the last 60 years." //// Oakley teached New Media at UNC-Asheville and was in his home studio working on a 3-D animation of Lincoln delivering the Gettysburg Address. Using the Evergreen gatehouse, a flagpole and four photos taken at the time they have produced digital images of the event. They hope to be finished with the project in time for the 150th anniversary of the speech on Nov. 19th. //// There are only 70-known photographs of Abraham Lincoln in all, and ones of him at Gettysburg for the address, just three and the two found in 2007 have been challenged. //// Will the Real A. Lincoln Please Stand Up. --Old Secesh

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