Thursday, October 24, 2013

Yes, It Was Probably That Rodman Who Inspected the Napoleons at Camp Bragg

Thomas Jackson Rodman, the man who inspected the Napoleons at Oshkosh's Camp Bragg Memorial Park, was the famed ordnance man and inventor of the Rodman guns. //// From 7 February 1862 to 7 April 1864, the Revere Copper Co. in Boston built 433 bronze Napoleons. Some 245 are known to still survive today. Rodman probably did not work for the Revere company, but inspected submissions for the federal government. //// I have been writing about the Revere Company also casting the ship's bell for the USS Constitution in my War of 1812 blog this past week. That bell was destroyed in the battle with the HMS Guerriere. //// So, Now You Know. --Old Secesh

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