Monday, October 21, 2013

Finding the Real "Old Glory"-- Part 9

The confusion over which flag is the "Real Old Glory" began that night. A storm developed and threatened to tear "Old Glory" to pieces and William Driver apparently replaced it with a newer, stronger one and once-again took "Old Glory" home with him. There were also reports that Diver gave the flag to the Sixth Ohio when it left Nashville. //// According to expert Rowand, the real one remained in the Driver home until December 1864 at the second battle of Nashville when Confederate General John Bell Hood destroyed his army trying to recapture the city. //// During the battle, Driver hung his flag out of his third-story window "in plain sight" of the southerners. He then went to defend the city,saying "If Old Glory is not in sight, I'll blow the house out of sight too." //// --Old Secesh

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