Saturday, October 12, 2013

Finding the Real Old Glory-- Part 2: The Importance of Flags

Civill-War folk were really passionate about their flags. After the fall of Fort Sumter, the U.S. flag that flew above it went on tour around the country for the duration of the war. Each regiment carried two flags into battle, the U.S. one and the regimental one, and it was considered a great honor to carry it. At the same time, color-bearers were major targets of the opposing side, so it was quite a dangerous "honor." //// Poet and hospital attendant Walt Whitman lamented the amount of blood spilled to keep a simple, four-cornered regimental flag. "I have a little flag....It was taken by the Secesh (hey, that's me, secessionists) in a cavalry fight, and rescued by our men in a bloody little skirmish. It cost three men's lives, just to get one little flag, four by three." //// --Old Secesh

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