Friday, October 18, 2013

Finding the Real "Old Glory"-- Part 6

As secession came nearer for Tennessee, not surprisingly William Driver's flag became a source of contention between him and his neighbors. Even his own family was bitterly divided. Two of his sons were fervent Confederates and enlisted in local regiments; one of them would die of his wounds at the Battle of Perryville. //// In March 1862, a sad Driver wrote, "Two sons in the army of the South! My entire house estranged...and when I come one to soothe me." //// Confederate authorities tried to get Driver's "Old Glory soon after the state seceded. A committee came to house to demand the flag and Driver met them at the door saying, "Gentlemen...if you are looking for stolen property in my house, produce your search warrant." The committe left. //// Don't Mess With My Flag. --Old Secesh

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