Wednesday, October 2, 2013

General Collett Leventhorpe-- Part 2

Took part at the Battle of Gettysburg as part of Pettigrew's Brigade, Heth's Division. On first day of battle he was badly wounded and then captured during the retreat to Virginia. Not exchanged for nine months. //// After return, appointed by Governor Zebulon Vance brigadier general of state troops and operated on the Roanoke River and along the Weldon Railroad until end of war. //// President Davis appointed him a brigadier general in Confederate service on February 18, 1865 and was confirmed by the Senate, but declined the appointment on March 6, 1865. //// After the war, he made his home at his wife's sister and husband's homestead at "The Fountain" in the valley of the Yadkin (Wilkes County, NC) where he died Dec. 1, 1889. He is buried at the Episcopal Cemetery in Happy Valley, near Lenoir, NC. //// So, There You Have It. --Old Secesh

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