Thursday, October 24, 2013

Wisconsin's Camp Bragg in Oshkosh-- Part 2

From HMDB. //// Photo of the Camp Bragg Memorial with a plaque on stone reading: "Near this spot in the autumn of 1862 the 21st and 32nd Regiments Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry were encamped for organization before proceeding to the front. Erected 1915." //// Some more information: It was eracted in 1915 by the Camp Bragg Memorial Association on plans drawn by sculptor Karl Bitter. It is flanked by 4 smoothbore Napoleon vannons mounted in concrete. Theyw ere shipped by railroad to Oshkosh on June 15, 1915 from the Rock Island Arsenal in Rock Island, Illinois. //// The muzzle loading cannon were made by the Revere Copper Company (yes, that Revere as in Paul) in Boston. Each barrel weighs 1216 pounds and were inspected by Thomas Jackson Rodman (was he the man of the Rodman guns?). //// Just Some More Info.. --Old Secesh

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